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New Delhi: A national task force has been constituted to strengthen brain healthcare and services in India, with technical experts in the neurological field as its members.
The task force headed by Dr Rajinder K Dhamija, director of Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, comprises eight members including Dr Manjari Tripathi, head of neurology department, AIIMS, Dr Veena Kalra, ex-professor and head pediatric, AIIMS, and Dr Suvarna Alladi, NIMHANS.
According to experts, the nervous system disorders are a leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of deaths globally, accounting for 9 million deaths per year. In the past three decades, most studies have shown a high burden for specific diseases including stroke, epilepsy, headache, Parkinson’s and dementia, among the urban Indian population. Despite improved access to national healthcare, disparities persist based on socioeconomic status, age, geography, and gender.
Dr Dhamija told TOI that the task force will recommend the ways to improve accessibility and quality of brain health at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, and specific actions to strengthen and create a robust, structured system to provide effective, timely diagnosis, treatment and care to patients with neurological disorders in Ayushman Aarogya Mandirs.
The task force, which has been asked to submit its report by July 15, will suggest ways to create systems for supportive rehabilitation infrastructure, equipped to provide services and interventions aimed at enhancing overall wellbeing and functioning for individuals living with neurological conditions.
Dr Dhamija said, “Cognitive fitness is equally important as physical fitness. If we focus on cognitive fitness, then brain disease will not occur and if it happens then it should be less in number. We should start focusing on cognitive fitness at young age.” Mental health is very important at the time when there is lot of stress due to changes in lifestyle and there is need to increase mental health literacy, he added.
Dr Manjari Tripathi said, “Many people are not aware that what lifestyle and habits they should follow to prevent brain disorders. However, every age has different requirements and there are activities and interventions at every age group to prevent such disorders. So rather than crying over spilled milk, they should be aware of techniques to preserve brain health and preventive strategies.”

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