Commons Clinic Invests $9.75M in Ambulatory Spine Surgery, Launches “Theater” Platform to Revolutionize MSK Care –

What You Should Know: 

– Commons Clinic, a leader in value-based musculoskeletal (MSK) care, has announced two significant moves to revolutionize the way patients receive orthopedic treatment. 

– The company invested $9.75M in Marina Orthopedic & Spine Institute (MOSI), a prominent Los Angeles surgery center, and unveiled its novel platform, Theater.

Commons Clinic Invests in Ambulatory Center Excellence

The investment in MOSI strengthens Commons Clinic’s network of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), facilities equipped for same-day procedures. This aligns with a growing trend: analysts predict that by 2028, 85% of all healthcare procedures will occur in outpatient settings. MOSI, led by renowned spine specialists Dr. Sanjay Khurana and Dr. Michael Port, boasts a track record of performing complex surgeries with excellent outcomes at significantly lower costs compared to hospital settings.

Introducing Theater: A Game-Changer for Ambulatory MSK Care

Commons Clinic also launched Theater, a comprehensive technology platform designed to empower specialty ASCs. Theater offers a three-pronged approach:

  • Modern, Full-Stack Technology Platform: Theater streamlines clinic operations with features like evidence-based care pathways, workflow automation, and data-driven insights. This user-friendly suite empowers medical professionals to focus on patient care with confidence.
  • Vertical-Specialized Operating Suites: Theater equips ASCs with advanced operating rooms tailored to specific specialties like spine surgery and joint replacements. These rooms integrate cutting-edge robotics, imaging, and endoscopy tools, enabling surgeons to perform complex procedures efficiently.
  • Precision Surgical Pathways: Theater utilizes real-world data to optimize surgical decisions, from procedure selection and planning to implant choice and recovery protocols. This data-driven approach ensures the best possible outcomes for patients.

Revolutionizing MSK Care Through Innovation and Partnership

By combining its investment in MOSI with the launch of Theater, Commons Clinic aims to transform MSK care. Theater empowers ASCs to deliver complex procedures safely and cost-effectively, offering patients a superior experience and improved outcomes. Commons Clinic plans to expand Theater’s reach, implementing it in numerous hyper-specialized surgery centers across the US by 2026. This commitment to innovation positions Commons Clinic as a leader in the future of MSK care.

“We developed Theater to harness and rapidly scale breakthroughs by physician innovators like Drs. Khurana and Port across Commons’ national facility network,” said Nick Aubin, CEO and co-founder, Commons Clinic. “We believe that advancing ambulatory care is foundational to rebuilding community healthcare infrastructure, reducing reliance on high-cost hospital systems and using technology to achieve healthcare’s quadruple aim. With Theater, we’ll usher in a new, disruptive era for specialty care.” 


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