Letters: Columnist nailed it with eye on primary care to solve crisis

Readers offer their opinions on the state of Canadian health care, apologies by Saskatchewan Party MLAs and the federal carbon tax rebate.

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In the article “Canada needs primary care manifesto to fix health system,” Steven Lewis has nailed it! The creation of multidisciplinary health-care clinics incorporating the expertise of a number of health professionals should be the wave of the future and the answer to our physician shortage.

General practitioners could oversee a hub of other practitioners like nurse practitioners (excellent at chronic disease management), physical and occupational therapy, dietitian, pharmacist, to name a few. Look at the West Winds Primary Health Centre model in Saskatoon.

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These proposed multidisciplinary clinics could minimize cross practitioner appointments and maximize client/patient outcomes: one-stop health-care shopping.

If we are going to solve the current health-care shortages, we need to be forward-thinking and innovative, offering the option to all health-care workers to maximize their scope of practice to the benefit of all of us.

Donna Flahr, Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Party in a sorry state

It was interesting to note the apologies made by Saskatchewan Party MLAs in the last few days. While feeble and insincere, the apologies might signal a new approach for the hidebound administration and they may be looking for other things to apologize for. Here are some suggestions.

Apologies for: 1) The mishandling of the COVID crisis that resulted in Saskatchewan nearly leading the country in number of deaths per capita. 2) The mismanagement of health care that has left the entire system teetering on the brink of total collapse.

3) The mismanagement of the education file leaving teachers feeling isolated, unappreciated and vulnerable. 4) The millions spent on international travel for Saskatchewan Party MLAs and their friends for the purpose of glorified selfies with no discernible result.

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5) The hiring of Toronto Conservative lawyers to help with the continued persecution of transgendered youth with Justice Minister Bronwyn Eyre proudly bestowing on them a blank cheque for their services.

6) The creation and outfitting of a marshals service when nobody knows what they’ll do and can only be explained by the Saskatchewan Party’s purported love of guns and shiny badges.

The list of apologies could continue ad infinitum.

Tim Krause, Saskatoon

Common sense needed on tax rebates

For all those people who are worried about their carbon tax rebate … Stop! This rebate plus the GST rebate plus the child tax credit are all based on your income, so file your taxes; your rebates will continue.

None of us are required to itemize how much we pay in GST or carbon tax, so the move by SaskEnergy not to charge it on our heating fuel will not affect what you receive as a rebate. Some common sense would be nice these days.

Valerie Middleton, Unity

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