NeuroX, American TelePhysicians’ Brain Health Division, Selected as Participant in CMS GUIDE Program

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NeuroX, a pioneering healthcare company revolutionizing brain health, in conjunction with its affiliated physician network, ATP Partners, has been chosen as a new participant in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) GUIDE Program. Guiding and Improved Dementia Experience (GUIDE) aims to advance care for dementia patients and provide respite services for their caregivers by partnering with innovative companies like NeuroX.

NeuroX, a division of American TelePhysicians (ATP), a Jacksonville, Florida based digital healthcare company, is at the forefront of transforming brain healthcare by offering a comprehensive 360º ecosystem approach. This approach integrates neurology, mental health, and sleep medicine virtual physician services alongside allied caregivers’ support under one umbrella. Utilizing cutting-edge AI-assisted virtual healthcare technology with remote patient monitoring, NeuroX ensures efficient population health management while prioritizing wellness, prevention, and a proactive approach to care.

The hallmark of NeuroX’s approach lies in its commitment to providing a seamless patient experience. By integrating the services of key care partners for diagnostics, treatment, and home care into its technology platform, NeuroX offers patients and their caregivers a convenient one-stop ecosystem solution for receiving care at home.

“We applaud CMS for introducing this innovative approach to enhance care for dementia patients and support their caregivers,” said Dr. Muhammad “Umar” Farooq, Chief Medical Officer at NeuroX. “Dementia is not merely a disease affecting an individual; it imposes a significant socio-economic burden on the entire family. As a physician-led population health management company, our strategy for developing a dementia care program under the GUIDE Model is multifaceted. We are honored to collaborate with CMS to ensure quality, timely care delivery for those in need.”

“GUIDE is the latest innovative CMS value based program focused on improving clinical quality while lowering health care expenditures for Medicare,” said ATP CFO David Spalding, an industry veteran with extensive experience in Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs and kidney-based value-based care. “As a GUIDE participant, ATP will deploy our scalable, award winning brain health care management platform to support our proprietary specialist telemedicine network and in conjunction with community-based physician groups focused on senior populations with chronic conditions.”

Dr. Waqas Ahmed, founder and CEO of ATP, adds, “Being selected as a participant in the CMS GUIDE program marks a significant milestone for NeuroX and underscores our commitment to revolutionizing brain health care accessibility. Our vision has always been aligned with CMS’s goal of enhancing dementia care for patients at home. This opportunity allows us to further amplify our impact and drive positive change in the lives of individuals and families affected by neurological conditions. We’re honored to be part of this initiative and look forward to advancing our mission of empowering healthier minds everywhere.”

NeuroX is committed to leveraging their expertise to enhance dementia care and provide invaluable support to home caregivers making a meaningful impact on the lives of dementia patients and their families.

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About NeuroX:

NeuroX is a leading healthcare company dedicated to revolutionizing brain health through innovative technology and comprehensive care solutions. By integrating neurology, mental health, and sleep medicine services under one umbrella, NeuroX offers a holistic approach to brain healthcare that prioritizes wellness, prevention, and proactive care. NeuroX is a division of American TelePhysicians, founded in 2017 by a team of physicians and IT professionals under the leadership of Waqas Ahmed, MD FACP. With corporate operations in the US, Asia, and Australia, the American TelePhysicians’ vision is to transform the global healthcare industry by creating customized healthcare ecosystems, and by bringing affordable medical services to all patients, including underserved communities. American TelePhysicians achieves this through various projects, including CURA4U, SmartClinix, and NeuroX. For more information, visit

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